We produce replacements for Murano glass chandeliers

This beautiful, precious, refined murano glass chandelier that you see every day is the centre of the house, when friends arrive or more simply when you look at it, it is the centre of attention. If a small piece is missing, even one as small as a murano glass leaf or a flower, the eye always falls there, in that tiny empty space.

Almost all of our products are made to order and when you choose one, our glass master will make it for you, realising your idea according to your needs. 

Our production times are justified by the certainty that the product you are going to buy is truly unique, and actually the way you want it because it is made for you by hand, according to traditional Murano techniques, with its own special features and characteristics to be considered a merit of uniqueness and not a defect.

We manufacture spare parts for Murano chandeliers, including those produced by other glassworks