How to Order a Custom Murano Glass Chandelier

You like a Murano chandelier and you came here?

Your story is our story and our glassblowers can become your co-blowers/creators.

They are the artists, craftsmen and wild dreamers who will help you unleash your creativity and make your Murano glass chandelier even more your own.

With Fabbrica Lampadari Murano you can co-create anything, anywhere. This has always been our philosophy. This is our story. 

Experience an exclusive adventure of co-creation and make your Murano chandeliers even more unique.Let your dreams become the most special Murano chandeliers to display in your home.

Our Glass Masters help you realise and translate your emotions and life experiences into special objects, uniquely yours.Drawings, hand designs and applications in gold, silver or brilliant colours thus become the chapters of your story, enclosed in a unique Murano chandelier.

The blown Murano glass chandelier is the centre of light in your room.When you enter a room, regardless of the type, your eyes look at the light.Every single time, the Murano glass chandelier becomes the target of admiring glances.The centrality of this object is fundamental in furnishing your home.That is why it is always worth buying a chandelier that is made for you. 

Forget stock, special offers, special prices - they're all bullshit. 

A Murano glass chandelier lasts 100 years. A few dollars off doesn't change anything.  

the peculiarities, the characteristics of these Murano glass chandeliers are strong points that impose the object exactly as you want it: you will see it in your home for a long, long time: it has to be perfect.

These beautiful, precious, refined Murano glass chandeliers are the centre of the house: order them exactly the colour and size you like.

To give you a better service I would need the following information: type of room (living room, bathroom, bed, etc.) and dimensions (approximate) height included.

you will receive an absolutely free quote within 24/H